Young Hats

In March 2017 Young HATS performed the classic musical 

'The Wizard of Oz'

Details of the 2018 show will be released later in the year.

We have a very strong young group at the present time and have a membership of 40 young people. The age range is from 8 -18. We have a strong group of adults to support these youngsters .At the present time we put on one show a year usually in March.

The cast of 'The Wizard of Oz' (2017)

March 2017 saw the Young Hats perform 'The Wizard of Oz'!

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Here our some of the previous shows performed by Young HATS:

Young HATS presented a hugely successful production of BUGSY MALONE in March 2015.

This received exceptionally good feedback from a variety of people. The NODA rep said she thought it was the best production of BUGSY she had ever seen.

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Young HATS presented Disney's The Little Mermaid on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Sat 22nd March 2014 in the Herstmonceux Village Hall. This was a hugely successful show and relevant reviews will be attached soon.

Alice In Wonderland was performed on 21st,22nd 23rd March 2013, Reviews from Dianne Green of the Sussex Express and Roger Paines of the Eastbourne Herald are shown below:

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS Oh yes, and on a cold, wet and windy night, as it was when I attended the Young H.A.T.S. production of ?Alice in Wonderland? we all felt we needed a little trip into wonderland and that is exactly what we got. As the story unfolded we became more and more enthralled, the three Alices' played by Ruby Thomas, Hattie Pemberton and Alivia Dicker did an excellent job at as they changed from a tiny three inch Alice to a very tall Alice throughout the trip. The casting of the White Rabbit was an excellent choice as Lauren Noya, who took the part, had us all laughing as she rushed around the stage and the hall in a complete state of anguish at being so late all the time. Another star of the show was of course James Tweedy who, as the Caterpillar, played a very convincing role. The way he took to the stage, his movement and the enthusiasm which went into his singing of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah were absolutely excellent. And when the show ended in a cacophony of sound as Alice returned to ?normal? only to find herself back in the Park listening to her sister Mathilda lecturing her from a book about ?looking before she leapt? the audience actually went wild with excitement, lifting the roof of the hall with their applause. Alice will go down as one of their best productions, it was bouncy, colourful and alive and they made use of both the stage and the hall which was good to see. Director, Joanna Stevens, should be congratulated on such an excellent show, but of course, most of all; congratulations must go to the children who were able to turn it into such a wonderfully colourful and magical show.

By Dianne Green Sussex Express 22/3/13 ALICE IN WONDERLAND Lewis Carroll wrote Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland over a century ago. There have been countless versions on the stage and big screen ever since. Walt Disney?s animation and re-telling of the timeless story of the young girl who falls down a rabbit hole to enter a fantasy world where she meets a host of surprising characters has remained a firm favourite for generations. This stage version, based on Disney?s original score and lyrics, was performed by youngsters aged 7-16 of Herstmonceux?s Amateur Theatrical Society. Directed by Joanna Stevens, following her successful debut with Aladdin, and once again assisted by Chris Thompson, with Linda Thompson responsible for musical direction and choreography, several of the cast were performing on-stage for the first time. But it was the concerted spirit of young and old in this thriving village group which was the hallmark of the production. One of several innovative touches was the voice of the Queen of Hearts (Alex Stevens), before the curtains opened, giving the safety notice including a promise to chop off anyone?s head if they did not switch-off their mobile phone! The quirky world of Wonderland had arrived. As Alice, Ruby Thomas was delightfully believable, as were her alter egos, Small Alice (Hattie Pemberton), and Tall Alice (Alivia Dicker). Among the zany people Alice meets were White Rabbit (Lauren Noya), her shouts of ?I?m Late! I?m Late!? mimicing the relentless pace of modern life; March Hare (Jessica Wood) and Mad Hatter (Oliver Stevens) combining cleverly in ?The Unbirthday Song? at A Mad Tea Party; Tweedle Dum (Stuart Carlton) and Tweedle Dee (Emily Wood) constantly shaking hands with each other; and confident American-accented Caterpillar (James Tweedy) leading the company in a rollicking version of ?Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah?. This was a pacey and colourful performance with just the right amount of eccentricity. Mr Carroll would surely have approved. By Roger Paine 

Eastbourne Herald March 2013 Disney's Aladdin Jnr Disney's Aladdin Jnr was performed April 2012,

Reviews from the Sussex Express and the Eastbourne Herald are below: ALADDIN JNR If you thought this was a ?he?s behind you? type Aladdin, you would have been way, way of the mark, it was Aladdin Jnr, the musical and what a delight it was. With still ten minutes to go, the entire cast were backstage and raring to go and that same enthusiasm continued to show itself right throughout the show in fact, by the time we came to the finale, both cast and audience were enjoying it so much I began to wonder if they would ever be able to get the cast off the stage. Young H.A.T.S. have come a long way from their humble beginnings but they have definitely learnt a lot along the way. They filled that stage with colour, movement and sound, the choreography by Hanna Huggett was excellent, the direction superb with Joanna Stevens managing to get the cast to bring out the full humour of the show. The Genie, played by Lauren Noya, was just a little gem and with Alex Stevens as the evil Jafar, that wonderful laugh! we already had the beginnings of a good show. Bring on Iago, Jafar?s trusty parrot, played by Hattie Pemberton, and have you ever seen any parrot so hard done by and trying so hard just to get a kind word or two or even just the recognition he deserved., the Sultan of course was very regally played by Tom Fox and then of course we had Princess Jasmine, Hayley Huggett and Aladdin, Oliver Stevens who were both extremely well cast, their rendition of ? A Whole New World? was truly heart stopping bringing much stomping and applause from a very appreciative audience. A truly spectacular show this one, extremely well performed by the entire cast with many congratulations going to Director Joanna Stevens who I believe was just a tad nervous about the whole thing as this was to be her first big show and I think everybody agreed that she did very well and we look forward to seeing more shows directed by her in the future. Oh and by the way, I loved that little monkey.

Review by Dianne Green Published in the Sussex Express on 6th April 2012 ALADDIN Jr Young HATS, the youth section of Herstmonceux Amateur Theatrical Society, did not confuse Easter with Christmas and this production was not an out-of-season pantomime. Instead, Aladdin Jr was a spirited Arabian Nights story based on the Disney film of Aladdin which memorably featured the voice of Robin Williams as the Genie. In the shows programme, Jo Stevens, making her directorial debut, generously paid tribute to the support she had received from HATS stalwarts, especially co-directors Jo Carlton and Chris Thompson, musical director Linda Thompson, and choreographer Hanna Huggett. Nevertheless, bringing together thirty-six school-age youngsters who had been rehearsing since January for three nights on stage was no mean feat. With a colourful kaleidoscope of appropriately Middle Eastern costumes and a backdrop painted in exotic colours cleverly replicating Disney?s animation, this was a triumph of youthful exuberance and all-round local amdram co-operation. Without the seasonal juxtaposition several of the main roles were not in panto tradition. Aladdin was played by a boy, Oliver Stevens, whose confidence and stage presence belied his years. The same attributes applied to Lauren Noya, in the key role of the Genie. Hayley Huggett as charming Princess Jasmine, Tom Fox as the imperious Sultan, Alex Stevens as scheming Jafar, and Hattie Pemberton as Iago the parrot, his cocky companion, together with five Narrators, helped keep the story moving. Aladdin and Jasmine singing A Whole New World, as they sat together on a believable magic carpet, was a powerful duet of young voices which thoroughly deserved prolonged applause. There was no ?he?s-behind-you? but plenty of ?cool? and ?like makes wishes an? stuff?, when describing the magic lamp. This was a vibrant production firmly rooted in today?s language or, as Aladdin would say, ?awesome?!

Review by Roger Paine Published in the Eastbourne Herald on 6th April 2012 Into the Woods In to the Woods was performed in March 2011. Annie Annie was Performed from the 13th to the 15th of May 2010. HONK! About HONK! - Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale has been transformed into a modern musical comedy appropriate for everyone in the family. Written by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, Honk! tells the story of Ugly, odd, gawky looking and instantly incites prejudice from his family and neighbours. Separated from the farm and persued by a hungry Cat, Ugly must find his way, while his loving mother, Ida, searches for him. Along his journey he not only discovers his true beauty and glorious destiny, but he also finds love and acceptance. Honk! with all of its wonderful humour, charm and message of tolerance, is perfect for audiences of all ages.

Guys & Dolls 26th, 27th & 28th April 2007 Young Hats are presenting the Junior version of Guys & Dolls , a part of the Broadway Junior Collection on the 26th, 27th and 28th April 2007 in Herstmonceux Village Hall at 7:30pm. This is one of Broadway's most hilarious shows and has been described as ' the perfect musical comedy'. It is primarily based on the Damon Runyon's short story ' The idyll of Miss Sarah Brown', which describes the unlikely romance between a pure at heart urban missionary and a slick Broadway gambler. The show's second romance storyline involves Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide, who have been engaged for fourteen years! Guys & Dolls opened on Broadway on November 24th, 1950 and has had several successful Broadway revival tours and is one of the most produced musicals world wide. The Broadway Junior version has the approval of the author's estate and was first produced in 1998.

Tin Pan Ali Thu 25th, Fri 26th & Sat 27th March 2004. The story of Ali Baba, set in 1930's Chicago. Ali Baba, a street-sweeper, sees some gangsters dump a haul of jewels in a warehouse manned by Sesame. Ali steals the loot and takes it home to hide girlfriend Morgiana. The thieves discover Kassim, Ali's brother, grabbing his share, and, led by Carooni, they search for Ali, disguising themselves as street-sweepers.

Fish & Ships July 2003 saw Young HATS production Fish & Ships, which was set under the sea, and on the Ocean floor with a wonderful and not-so-wonderful world of sea creatures with the occasional human. It had romance, comedy, music and morals all narrated by a worm dangling from a fish hook.